Yes Al Qamar Lajpal private Limited company home servant end service is working in Islamabad Rawalpindi and we have all worker is present Alhamdulillah our company worker’s verification cleared and sent we have Related to baby sitter baby sitter job role All the work related to the baby is done by the baby sitter. which include All the baby’s work is done by the baby sitter. And what about us Islamabad in Rawalpindi provide service All Societies in Islamabad Rawalpindi We have baby sitter and nanny service Alhamdulillah we are from 10 years are working and whatever we have super tax exists verified 100% Grunt is available inshallah Al Qamar the company is trying Give the best service to all your dear customers like If you do the job yourself and your baby is alone at home then you need a 24 hour baby sitter so al Qamar Providing service in Islamabad Rawalpindi you You contact the company and within 24 hours the company service you will give like your new born baby New Born Baby Needs a Proper Train Baby Seater So Al Qamar Se Raabta Al Qamar our company Providing all service related to Baby in Islamabad Rawalpindi If any of our Harish customer needs a baby sitter or needs a nanny or else So sorry al Qamar se raabta kare


Other Services

At Al-Qamar Lajpal, we understand that running a household can be challenging, which is why we offer a range of services to make your life easier. Apart from providing trustworthy house driver services in Islamabad, we also offer the following services:

Domestic Staff

We provide reliable and professional domestic staff to help you with your daily household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry.
Baby Sitter & Nanny
Cook & Chef
Domestic Couple

Health and Care

Our team of trained professionals offers in-home health and care services to help you or your loved ones with medical care and daily living activities.
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Our expert electricians can help you with any electrical issues or installations that you may need in your home.
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We have skilled plumbers who can help you with any plumbing issues in your home, from leaky taps to major repairs.
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House Deep Cleaning

Our trained cleaning professionals offer deep cleaning services to ensure that your home is spotless and hygienic.
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Painter and Carpenter

We also provide skilled painters and carpenters to help you with any home renovation or maintenance projects.
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