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Introduction to Housemaid

A maid, often known as a housemaid or a maidservant, is a female domestic worker, who helps in our day to day lives. For instance, a housemaid provides services like washing windows, vacuuming, changing sheets, scrubbing the bathroom and dusting etc. Al Qamar Lajpal Pvt limited Servant Services is your best partner to provide convenient Housemaid services in the twin cities of Pakistan , especially Bahria Town and DHA, Islamabad-Rawalpindi. We are registered with SECP and FBR as well.

 Housemaid Services-Al Qamar Lajpal Pvt limited

Al Qamar Lajpal Pvt limited Servant Services has made it simple to obtain the services of a skilled and trustworthy individual as your housemaid. You can contact us whenever it is convenient for you to discuss your requirements regarding a housemaid. Moreover, our registered housemaids are well together with extensive field experience .Particularly, they are accessible to service you in every part of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. As a result, if you are looking for quite reasonable cost housemaid options in your neighbourhood, then contact us. We have highly professional housemaids. You can opt to any of the two categorised housemaid services, as below;

  • Full time Housemaid Services
  • Part time Housemaid Services

We believe in quality and timeliness services. Your satisfaction is our priority. Hence, call us at any time as we are available 24/7.

Housemaid Responsibilities

Book an appointment with us and then hire a well groomed housemaid .Following are some of the highlighted responsibilities of a Housemaid to be fulfilled in a better and appreciable way.

  • Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Laundering cloths 
  • Taking out trash
  • Sweeping
  •  Mopping
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  •  Bathroom Cleaning
  •  Additional Touches.
  • House Maid
  • House Maid

Al Qamar Lajpal Pvt limited Servant Services Company is providing quality services to its customers from many years in a convenient way. Thus, we believe in commitment and strong business values.

You can contact us at any time because our energetic teams are active 24/7 for you. We cant stop ranking on google search engine because our beloved customers are posting their reviews. CONTACT

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Al Qamar Lajpal Pvt Ltd Number: 03145332097 Office: Near Baarahia Town, Phase 7

Other Home ServicesIn addition to our exceptional nursing services, we also provide a range of other home services to cater to your specific needs:Domestic Staff
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  2. 2. Baby Sitter and Nanny services for reliable and trustworthy childcare.
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  4. 4. Driver services for safe and convenient transportation.
  5. 5. Domestic Couple services for comprehensive household management.
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