Per Visit Charges Rs. 500

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Per Fan

Rs. 1000
Lights Installation

Per Light

Rs. 500
LED TV Mounting

32 – 42 inch LC

Rs. 1,500
Switchboard Button
Per Board Replacement
Rs. 500
Change Over Switch Installation
Vary After Inspection
Rs. 1,500
Phase Box Installation
Starting From
Rs. 3000
Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation
Vary After Inspection
Rs. 1,200
Fan Dimmer
 Vary After Inspection
Rs. 600
Exhaust Fan Installation
 Per Fan
Rs. 1000
House Wiring

Visit and Inspection charges 500

Rate After
UPS installation (Without Wiring)
Vary After Inspection
Rs. 2000

Finding an Electrician Service Near Bahria Town Phase 1-9, Rawalpindi

When searching for an electrician service near Bahria Town Phase 1-9, Rawalpindi, you have several options to consider. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find a qualified electrician in your area:

1. Online Search:

Begin your quest by conducting an online search. Using a search engine, such as Google, type in “Electrician Service Near Bahria Town Phase 1-9, Rawalpindi.” This straightforward search will yield a list of local electricians in your vicinity.

2. Local Directories:

Local business directories, both online and offline, can be valuable resources. They categorize businesses by location, making it easy to find an electrician in your immediate area.

3. Seek Recommendations:

Leverage your personal network by asking for recommendations from neighbors, friends, or colleagues who reside in Bahria Town Phase 1-9, Rawalpindi. They may have firsthand experience with local electricians and can provide valuable insights.

4. Online Marketplaces:

Consider exploring online marketplaces like Thumbtack, Angie’s List, or TaskRabbit. These platforms feature listings of local service providers, including electricians, along with reviews and ratings from previous clients.

5. Local Electrician Associations:

Contact local electrician associations or trade organizations based in Rawalpindi. These organizations often maintain directories of certified electricians in your area.

6. Social Media and Community Groups:

Check out social media platforms and local community groups. These platforms are excellent for soliciting recommendations from residents of Bahria Town Phase 1-9 who can provide specific insights and advice.

Once you’ve identified potential electricians, make sure to:

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